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We are passionate about strategy execution, and aim to ensure you are always relevant to your current and future customers through our data-driven techniques.

Once you can imagine your future state, we will help you to evolve and build ensuring your future becomes a reality.

About Us

Imagine. Innovate. Execute.

We believe in linking a few simple principles to ensure your business is constantly evolving and moving forward towards your company vision.


Become clear about what problem your business is trying to solve, and why it is so important!

We believe in making sure organisations have all the stakeholders fully aligned with this thinking, which allows decision making to be based on this main purpose.

The most difficult aspect of relentlessly pursuing a long term vision is maintaining relevance to the customers you are trying to serve. We want to give you the tools to ensures this objective never falters.


We think (very simply) that innovation is born from people's opinions on how things could be done better. What is currently the best way to create an imagined future that aligns with your company purpose? Could this be improved through a shift in company culture? New products or services? Improved cost efficiency? New branding or messaging? Are you completely sure you understand exactly what your current, or future customers need?

Gathering this data creates a feedback loop for the development of a culture built on constant improvement and innovation.


Effective business strategy development is a difficult process, and can be far too subjective without the correct data. Our unique platform gathers the information required to formulate an execution plan.

Based on your company vision, the platform is structured to gather data from either current customers, employees, future customers or any other group of stakeholders that would be relevant for answering the questions that need to be answered.

Opinionz structures the platform with a novel reward structure to incentivise engagement from different stakeholders. Main benefits include; Network Effect feedback (far more effective than standard surveys), new products get airtime through rewards, Net Promotor Scores increase, and Word of Mouth marketing skyrockets due to this unique engagement.

Strategy Development and Execution

We help you ensure that this is a smooth execution, based on a solid strategy which includes the relevant market research, as well as critical thoughts and opinions from various stakeholders.

Let us help you continually evolve your business with go-to-market planning which ensures you are always moving towards your imagined future in the most effective way possible.


Vision Alignment

Use the opportunity to ensure all stakeholders are clear on your company vision, purpose and what problems you are trying to solve

Gamifies and Incentivises Data Collection

While gathering data, Opinionz uses gamification theory by allowing users to grow their influence on the platform through innovative thinking and interaction. Use your new offerings as rewards to influential users to drive the marketing wheel!

Gap Analysis

Let us help you clarify where the missing pieces are to help you get to your imagined future through effective data collection.

Galvanise Company Culture

Culture is critical to success. Where required, Opinionz can be structured to focus on assisting culture shifts.

Data Analytics

"In God we trust. All others bring data." Remove the subjectivity from strategy design through our data collection and analysis techniques.

Customer Innovations

All startup founders know how important customer feedback is for rapid business growth. This should remain the case as businesses reach maturity. Dont leave customers behind in your evolution!

Once we have developed a clear vision, the next step is data gathering

Your customer is always right!
Get yourself into the Build - Feedback - Build loop with your customer base as soon as possible. Reward your customers for providing their opinions on what they like with current products/services, and what they would need in the future. Learn about whether you are solving their problems as effectively as you hope you are!

Internal Shift
Does your company need a subtle culture/communication/language shift to execute on the next part of your business journey? Do you want to incentivise top quality staff to drive innovation or cost efficiency?
Our platform can create you an internal innovation engine.

Future Customers
Every brand and company should be thinking about how new trends shift the needs of future customers, and take those dynamics into account. What new problems will there be that need to be solved?

What is the magic around the data capturing techniques?

Strategy is developed once there is a clear understanding of market dynamics. This requires many perspectives on the magnitude of information available. We strive to provide you with a clear view of the market, as well as addidng in various perspectives we gather from the opinionz platform.

Magic comes with the reward process we have built into the system, which has shown to increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) through the simple process of giving customers, employees, or future customers something unique to discuss with friends and family. Their experience with your new products/services rewarded through the platform add to the NPS fly-wheel effect


We offer various packages as a starting point to understand your specific requirements. Customers often start with Standard or Premium packages to ensure a thorough foundation for moving the business forward. For subsequest engagements, Simple structure can do the job! Please contact us to start a conversation!


  • Opinionz platform set up to gather the data you are looking for


  • Vision alignment (off-site session included) and communication to organisation through internal marketing campaign
  • Market document developed as basis for Opinionz platform
  • Monthly executive dashboards on data gathered
  • Strategy document developed based on market intelligence and Opinionz feedback
  • Strategic initiative execution assistance through structured projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are most certainly a big part of driving progress. Here are some that will help you get to know us.

  • Start-up businesses understand the value of a single customer more than any other business. In the drive to gain more customers there is always a risk that new businesses build products and services around what they imagine their ideal customers would want, but don't take the time to stop and ask their customers themselves. We love implementing the platform for these rapidly growing companies so we can gather information from their current and future customers to ensure their product development and execution path aligns with what their customers want - as well as get some incredible ideas from the customer base around new directions to take the products.

  • Opinionz allows employees to be rewarded for thoughts and ideas which could help move their business forward. In the past, managers could often take credit for clever employee ideas. As a user, you can build Influence on the platform by interacting with it. That influence can be traded in for rewards as well as other incentives provided through Opinionz. Influence can also be used as a powerful tool on the platform to prioritise innovations towards the top of lists.

  • There has been a trend in the consulting industry to create replicable solutions for clients. We do our best to go to first principles with every new client ensuring we build a solid plan that is based on solid foundational data - data that we get from the right sources; current customers, employees or future customers. This data allows us to craft a strategy that fits your specific needs. Our offering is also disruptive in that once the foundational ground work is complete, the requirement for a consultant disappears. All that you will need in the future is new data from different sources, or different types of data from the same sources to ensure that you maintain the right direction, or pick up early when you need to perform a subtle pivot.

  • Part of an effective brand strategy should include an understanding of who your ideal customers are, and how customers progress through your product line-up to enable your capture of larger sections of the market. If this is a new concept then Opinionz can help map this out by gathering the correct feedback from your current customer base. Once there is some understanding around this, we can deploy the platform to gain insight from future customers at a certain life-phase who have not entered your radar yet - SMME's with certain turnovers, university students, young parents etc.

  • Yes! As part of the Premium package Opinionz will help with strategic initiative execution assistance through structured projects. These projects often come through from great ideas generated from the platform.

Our Team

Why them? Because they innovate.

Ashton Drummond


"Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It's not about money. It's about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it." - Steve Jobs

Ricardo Visentin


"I think frugality drives innovation, just like other constraints do. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out." - Jeff Bezos

Kyle McIntyre


"Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things. " - Steve Jobs


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